Police Operation Compliance 2 targets drivers not keeping left and those on mobile phones

NSW Police are specifically targeting high-risk drivers and vehicles during Operation Compliance 2, a one-day operation across NSW today Wednesday, July 11.

The focus of the operation is those drivers who are not keeping left in their vehicles, those on mobile phones, along with vehicles that are defective, which present significant risks to other road users.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy, Commander of the State's Traffic and Highway Patrol Command said today’s operation is a timely reminder of the risks and dangers on our roads.

"Last year police issued 9515 infringements to drivers for not keeping left, more than 42,000 for those on their mobile phones, and issued 17,357 notices for defective vehicles," he said.

"Drivers not keeping left present significant risks to traffic following behind, especially on major arterials. They impede the regular traffic flow and cause impatience with other drivers who may perform dangerous manoeuvrers to pass them.

“Those on mobile phones whilst driving are not keeping their eyes on the road. If you are not concentrating, something could happen which could be life-changing for you or someone else.

“We know that defective vehicles, with issues such as faulty brakes, bald tyres, and other roadworthy problems, clearly shouldn't be on the road.

"We run these operations throughout the year in the hope we can influence driver behaviour, and bring down the road toll on NSW roads.

"Thankfully, overnight there were no reported fatalities on NSW roads, which is a positive sign.

“However, with 181 reported deaths so far this year, which is five less than this time last year, there is a lot more road users can do in accepting personal responsibility for their actions on our roads," Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.

Operation Compliance 2 runs from 12am to 11.59pm on Wednesday, July 11.