Mount George Memos

Enjoying the Mount George Billy Cart Derby in 2017.
Enjoying the Mount George Billy Cart Derby in 2017.

School holidays are with us one more. That means many more children doing many more things everywhere all day long which in turn means motorists must be on the lookout for them and their unpredictable behaviour every time they take their vehicles out.

It is a known fact children do not always remember safe behaviour when playing and balls go astray or pets run away from them or they chase each other across the road. Remember, you were young once and did all the wrong things children do so please take extra care throughout the holidays, drivers.

Parents if your child owns and rides a bike be very sure the bike is in A1 condition, ie brakes, tyres and tyre pressure right, seat and handlebars at the right height, etc. This bike check as well as being important for safety reasons also gives dads a time to teach their children and become closer to them as mum does when she lets them help her cook dinner and cakes and both activities will benefit them in the future.

...please take extra care throughout the holidays, drivers.

If you are going away for holidays and will be stopping at camping areas or caravan parks be sure your children have all been told of the ‘stranger danger’ program even though people who molest them are more likely to be known to them if the truth be told.

Ensure that they know to kick and scream as loudly as they can if anyone tries to molest them as this will draw attention to what is going on.

Then on course, drivers need to be aware that their vehicles should be in good condition before you set out to avoid stoppages at awkward times and in dangerous places but even more so so they are not pulled over by the men in blue and their car put off the road. Obey the road rules, the speed limits and watch for inexperienced drivers as you drive so you get to your destination and back safely and keep all your hard earned cash for fun things and do not lose it to the traffic cops because you became tired, caused an accident  or you overtook on double lines or some such.

Tragedies are not planned. Just think about the boys and their coach trapped in the cave when they went on their excursion in Thailand, or wherever it was and the great rescue mission that turned out to be. Be sure you know where your children are going, what time they should return to you and be sure they can get in touch if anything goes wrong.

Having said all the above have a happy, safe holiday because your nearest and dearest like you as you are – not in plaster or hospital because someone had a lapse in concentration!

Christmas in July

Dancers, have you contacted Lola yet and booked your table for the Christmas in July dinner dance? Don’t forget that bookings close at 8pm on July 18 and we’d hate you to miss out on the great meal and a night of dancing and socialisation. The number to ring is 6550 7593.

Billy cart derby

How are those billy carts coming along? That’s another holiday project for dads and kids, isn’t it? Have them ready well before derby day on August 19!