Extensive and ongoing works at Manning Aquatic Leisure Centre

The Manning River Times recently received a letter complaining about maintenance at the MALC, notably the spa and sauna not working, high chlorine levels causing irritation and that a snake was “living” in one of the training rooms.

We sought clarification from MidCoast Council.

MidCoast Council has advised it has an extensive ongoing capital works program for the Manning Aquatic and Leisure Centre, with more than $300,000 to be invested into capital works at the centre over the next six months.

Over the past five years significant works have been undertaken to maintain the centre to a reasonable standard, according to council’s director of community spaces and services, Paul De Szell.

The works have included the replacement of the pool liner, internal painting, installation of a new boost unit, numerous pump replacements and extensive repairs to the 50 metre outdoor pool and spa repairs.

“We also have further significant works scheduled including replacement of the internal flooring and ceiling tiles and steam room repairs,” Mr De Szell said.

“These works will be undertaken on a staged basis over a period of about six months.”

Mr De Szell confirmed there had been intermittent problems with both the spa and the sauna over recent weeks. The spa is now operational, and repairs are currently underway on the sauna.

“The Manning Aquatic Leisure Centre has an excellent maintenance and servicing schedule, however things do wear over time and there can, at times, be delays in acquiring specialist parts and contractors.”

The YMCA tests the pool water regularly and chlorine levels are recorded and monitored. In the event that levels are high, the YMCA follows Royal Life Saving guidelines and shuts the pool.

“The YMCA has assured us that at no time does the pool open with readings outside of the recommended guidelines.”

MidCoast Council has also budgeted for $300,000 worth of capital works for the Great Lakes Aquatic Centre in this financial year.

A specialist consultant will be on site next week to provide advice on the operating and mechanical systems at both centres to identify plant upgrade schedules.

All profits go back into the centres, either through programs, equipment or capital works reservces.

According to council, the YMCA’s centre manager confirmed that a 'small baby snake' was found within the facility and removed by a local snake catcher, and no further sightings have occurred.