Wingham's Central Park to come alive with Random Acts of Art

Saturday, June 23 is shaping up as a vibrant and exciting day in Wingham.

Ahead of the Winter Solstice Lantern Walk at Wingham Brush at 4.30pm, Random Acts of Art will be taking place all day and into the night.

Central Park will be transformed from 11.30am with fibre art, yarn bombing, music and dance, roaming stilt walkers, art market stalls, chalk drawing, and finishing in the evening with Wingham’s own unique version of Sydney’s Vivid.

Who better to yarn bomb Wingham than Samantha Everett from A Little to the Left and other textile artists? The ‘Big Knitting Needle’ is being activated and temporary contemporary art installations will be created and filmed in Central Park. 

Market stalls will open from 11.30am to 3.30pm, with music, dance, chalk drawing, stilt walkers, and the creating of something very special for the Lantern Walk, all starting from 2pm. 

Wingham's Circartus will have roaming stilt walkers in Random Acts of Art. Photo: supplied

Wingham's Circartus will have roaming stilt walkers in Random Acts of Art. Photo: supplied

Rachel Piercy and Jane Hosking, director and assistant director of Manning Regional Art Gallery, are creating a giant Manning River turtle lantern and inviting the community to help finish and decorate the giant lantern in the park on the day.

Lantern making workshops will start at Wingham Brush at 2pm, followed by the official opening of the walk at 4.30pm. The walk will wend its way through a part of Wingham Brush, through Central Park, and through town, visiting the residents of Whiddon Wingham. 

Random Acts of Art will continue into the night, with ‘Wingham Aglow’. Video projectionist Mark Anning will be projecting short films onto historical buildings surrounding our town green.

Random Acts of Art and the Manning River Turtle Conservation Group’s Winter Solstice Lantern Walk are continuations of place activation events by Wingham Chamber of Commerce. 

The Manning Valley Creative Collective were asked to contribute with activities to organise suggestions from Chamber's consultative meetings. Random Acts of Art is being co-ordinated by Tess Gardener and other events are being organised in the same week.

Random Acts of Art and the Winter Solstice Lantern Walk are now annual events on the Wingham calendar.