Wingham Golf Club news and results

On Tuesday, June 5 the ladies played a seasonal stableford for the Margo's Bourtique trophy, and the winner was Connie Gates 44pts. The winner of Div 1 was Laurelle Dennes 36, Div 2 Gay Wagener 34c/b, r/up Pat Marcus 34, Div 3 Volda Humphries 30. Nearest the pin winners on the third Beth Braham, Robyn Dudgeon, Connie Gates, on the seventh Debbie Stewart, Kath Knapp, and rounding of a big day Connie Gates. Ball Winners K. Knapp, P. Whiteley, J. Surtees, L. Steel, B. Braham, K. Greenaway, N. Smith, N. Nelson, D. Polley.

On Thursday, June 7, 31 players went around in the LJ Hooker Thursday Chook Run. The winner was Cameron Potts 23, followed by Sandy Dunn 21c/b, Jean Sayers 21c/b,Ted Smith 21. Dave Schubert was unlucky to miss out with 20, and Rex White picked the nearest the pin on the third and Adam Ward on the seventh.

On Friday, June 8 a stroke event was played by the Friday ladies. The winner was Pat Whiteley, r/up Joy White, ball winners Deb Stewart, Lesley Steel, Anne O'Neill. Nearest the pin winner was Lesley Steel.

On Saturday June 9 play was for the Barry Brown Trophy. he event was a 4BBB with a singles in conjunction, and the winners were Denis McKeough and Phil Jirman 44c/b. Next was Paul Muir and Cam Potts 44c/b, Glen Porter and Nev Blanch 44c/b, the individual winners Cam Potts 38c/b from Syd Gilfillan 38, Brad Sawyer 37c/b. The NTP winners were on the 1st/10th winning the Wingham Plaza Butchers voucher Syd Gilfillan, 3rd/12th Wingham Remedial Massage Bill Sullivan, 4th/13th Potty's pie voucher Adam Buchtman, 7th/16th Bayview Seafood Nev Blanch, 9th/18th Bent on Food James Urquhart. Balls went to 40 c/b.

Events coming up

Saturday June 16 – Golf Shoes Day and the Geoff Swaffield trophy.

Saturday June 23 – stableford for the Wingham Beef trophy.

Sunday June 24 – the matchplay championships will be held hitting off at 8am.

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