Have your say on forward plans

If you’ve got an opinion about how MidCoast Council should prioritise its workload, what projects you’d like to see undertaken in the next 12 months, or about council’s proposed 2018-2019 fees and charges, the planning team at council is all ears.

With its forward plans drafted and on public exhibition, now’s your chance to take a look and have your say. The 2018/2019 Operational Plan, presented alongside the three-year Delivery Program and proposed 2018/2019 fees and charges, is open for community feedback until next Wednesday June 13.

“These documents, once adopted, will become an important delivery checklist across all areas of council so it’s crucial that members of our community take the time to tell us whether we’ve interpreted their priorities correctly,” MidCoast council’s acting general manager, Steve Embry said.

“The plans are intended to provide an overview of where we’re headed over the next three years, a detailed outline of deliverables that will help us get there, and performance criteria against which we’ll measure our progress”.

With the region’s transport network being highlighted by the community as its number one priority, roads and bridges feature heavily in council’s forward plans, as do initiatives focusing on the environment, and improving accessibility across the region.

“We are committed to delivering value for money and high quality services for our community, in a fair and transparent manner,” Mr Embry added.

“That’s the premise that underpins what we’re proposing throughout our forward plans”.

Find out more about the three-year Delivery Program and 2018-2019 Operational Plan by visiting www.midcoast.nsw.gov.au/DPOP where you can also review and download the document, and find details about how to make a submission.

Community members can have a say on MidCoast Council’s Delivery Program (2018-2021) and Operational Plan (2018-2019) until Wednesday June 13.