Lucky call back lands Caitlyn a leading role

Marlee's Caitlyn Cameron will play Cosette in Les Miserable at the Manning Entertainment Centre in November.
Marlee's Caitlyn Cameron will play Cosette in Les Miserable at the Manning Entertainment Centre in November.

Marlee’s Caitlyn Cameron was singing as soon as she could talk and her three brothers would regularly plead with her to be quiet.

Luckily she didn’t listen to them.

Now 19, the Wingham High School graduate will play Cosette in the Taree Arts Council production of Les Miserables at the Manning Entertainment Centre in November.

Her most exciting role to date.

Caitlyn has honed her skills over the years competing in Eisteddfods, school plays, Anzac Day ceremonies and even the Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival.

In 2016 she received the Denva Bird 'Most Promising Vocalist' award at the Taree and District Eisteddfod.

In February 2017 she was one of 19 performers featured in the Bravissimo concert at the Glasshouse in Port Macquarie and in July of that year she took part in the High School Honors Performance Series at the Sydney Opera House.

But things went quiet after that as Caitlyn settled into juggling studying community services at TAFE and working to pay her way.

However when auditions were announced for the production of Les Miserables, Caitlyn’s love of performing was once again ignited.

“I love theatre and I love productions. I thought ‘I’ll give it a go.’”

Caitlyn auditioned for the ensemble.

“I was a bit scared to go for a lead,” she said.

Her performance must have impressed director Gayle Cameron though because Caitlyn was asked to retry.

Only this time at the call back auditions for Cosette.

A leading role.

“I was gobsmacked,” admitted Caitlyn.

She was even more surprised when she received word her audition had been successful.

“It was really exciting, I was so happy.”

And so was her family. Including her three older brothers.

But it is mum Jennie who was most excited.

A singer herself, she has encouraged her daughter with her singing dreams since the beginning.

“She really inspired me to go for it,” said Caitlyn.

“She’s my anchor.”

Caitlyn admits she wasn’t very familiar with Les Miserables before her auditions so she borrowed a copy of the movie from the library.

Since April she has been rehearsing weekly with the cast of almost 50 performers.

She’s loving every minute of it and can’t wait to take to the stage in November.