The biggest race of its kind

Adventure racers

Adventure racers

A TOTAL of 45 teams will contest the Wildside Adventure Race Special Edition to be conducted in the Manning-Great Lakes during the June long weekend.

The event will be based at Diamond Beach.

Teams of four or two will have 48 hours to navigate the course, traversing demanding landscapes, moving from checkpoint to checkpoint by foot, mountain bike and kayak.

This will be the biggest adventure race conducted in Australia this year.

It is also the third in the A1 Australian Adventure Racing Series and has teams from Queensland, Victoria, ACT and NSW involved chasing the national title.

The race is a collaboration between race director Richard Old of Fully Rad Adventures and Chris Dixon from WildnCo. Both experienced racers and event managers, the racing promises to be epic.

“We really love the outdoors, adventure racing and are passionate about getting people outside,” Mr Old said.

“For this race we have taken all that we love about the sport and created a course that offers real adventure as well as promotes the Manning Valley and Great Lakes.”

Teams will use map, compass, together with their own wits and skills to navigate their way over an unmarked route by mountain biking, paddling, trekking, orienteering, trail running, and of course a few surprises through the area’s spectacular forests, beaches, mountains, lakes and rivers.

They will have to problem solve, route find and persevere over a wild course managing their resources.

“This race will have everything - challenging trek routes, tough mountain biking, navigation that will make teams stop and think and scenic paddle legs,’’ Mr Old explained.

“The course is rich in history and we are designing a race that will give teams a real adventure experience as well as getting to know the area.

“In fact even we have discovered new places to explore while creating the course.”