Daniel Barry's tiny house

Daniel Barry welcomes us to his newly built house and insists on giving us a tour.

“Should only be three minutes tops!” he laughs.

Daniel has built what is possibly the first tiny house in the Manning Valley, linking the region to a movement currently sweeping the world.

The term tiny house relates to a type of dwelling sized in the region of just 46 square metres or less.

Daniel’s house, currently located in Strathcedar, is based on an old caravan which Daniel and his wife Mel purchased in Queensland.

A lot of elbow grease, clever design and well sourced recycled and eco friendly materials have breathed new life into the old van.

Now the four-wheeled structure is a modern dwelling which can sleep up to four people on a more permanent basis.

The whole home measures just 2.2m wide x 4.4m long. 

High ceilings and plenty of windows make the space airy but there’s no denying it makes for close quarter living.

“It’s particularly tiny,” said Daniel.

“It was a challenge to work out how to get everything to work in such a small space.”

There’s some clever little touches which help make life in the tiny home more comfortable. The queen sized bed for example can be raised to the roof by the press of a button to reveal seating and storage. There’s even a projector and screen for in-home movies.

But you’ll have to go out the back to use the water-less composting toilet and you’ll find the shower out that way too.

Daniel and Mel aren’t planning to live in the house themselves but haven’t ruled out tiny house living in the future.

There’s a few things to finish on the home before Daniel puts it up for sale for around $40,000.

Daniel recently graduated from studying architecture and plans to build many more tiny houses.

He sees a growing need for these smaller homes for people who want to live a simpler life.

Find out more on Daniel’s Facebook page Daniel Barry Building Design