Draft 2018-2019 operational plan on display

Road transport network improvements and support for local businesses are among the objectives MidCoast Council outlined their action plan for the next year.

The draft 2018-2019 operational plan revealed the existing roadcare program will continue as well as ongoing discussions with the NSW Government for provision of an additional $50 million in funding for roads and bridges, leveraging funds quarantined from the special rate variation introduced last year to match the $50 million.

"Roads are a key issue for our community and MidCoast Council is dedicated to doing all we can to improve our road network,” MidCoast Council’s acting general manager Steve Embury said. 

The range of activities coincide with the development of the community strategic plan known as MidCoast 2030 - shared vision, shared responsibility.

They will act as a checklist for the forthcoming financial year.

Waste management charges will remain static for both domestic and commercial customers. 

The plan, as well as Council’s three year delivery program, will be on public exhibition between Thursday, May 17 and Wednesday, June 13. Submissions are invited.

“The operational plan is part of a suite of planning documents we prepare and make available to our community, and is the most detailed in terms of what Council will be delivering for the community in the upcoming financial year.

“Our business is complex, with a wide variety of services being delivered for our community.

“Our goal is to present these in a way that is easy to read and importantly, links to the objectives that the community has expressed in MidCoast 2030.

“Presenting the delivery program and operational plan in a single document gives our community the opportunity to see where we are headed over the next three years, the deliverables that will help us get there over the coming 12 months, and criteria against which we will measure our progress,” Mr Embury said.

The plan also includes the annual budget, a proposed schedule of fees and charges as well as a revenue policy statement.

More information about the delivery program and operational plan can be found at www.midcoast.nsw.gov.au/DPOP.

The document can be reviewed and downloaded here as well as details about how to make a submission.