Letter: Public meeting in Gloucester ahead of mine appeal

The Rocky Hill Coal Mine could be one court judgement away from achieving final approval to commence mining on the very doorstep of Gloucester.

The Department of Planning and Environment and the Planning Assessment Commission have refused the application, stating that the development is not in the public interest, however Gloucester Resources will take its case to the Land and Environment Court in August, aiming to win final approval.

We, the undersigned doctors, oppose this coal mine. We believe that it brings widespread hazards to health for Gloucester residents and even more so for the residents of Forbesdale and estates along Jacks Road. We believe that those with pre-existing illness and especially those with asthma, particularly children, will be the most vulnerable.

Reports in the Medical Journal of Australia detail major health damage due to fine coal dust particles. This dust is a significant contributor to the major causes of death in Australia - lung disease, heart disease and stroke.

Furthermore, we believe that mine noise, dust and truck movements will contribute to what are already high rates of mental illness. The mammoth movement of trucks, with tons of diesel emissions, will only add to the developing crisis of climate change and associated health risks.

The time for thinking that others will stop this mine has passed. We ask that If you value an environment that contributes to the health of yourself, your children and grandchildren please attend the public meeting on Wednesday, May 23 at 6.30pm at Gloucester Soldiers Club.

Dr Eric Barlow

Dr Jim Bird

Dr Linda Calabresi

Dr Yvette Etherden

Dr Jane Gordon

Dr Samir Hussein

Dr Ravi Kukreja

Dr Garry Lyford

Dr Colin Martin

Dr Daryl Pudney

Dr Steve Robinson

Dr Kevin Sweeney

Dr Joshua Thant

Dr John Van Der Kallen