Piano results – Taree and District Eisteddfod 2018

On stage: LinZhao LimSchneider won the Piano Solo 8 years and under section and received the 8 years and under aggregate point score award.
On stage: LinZhao LimSchneider won the Piano Solo 8 years and under section and received the 8 years and under aggregate point score award.

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Piano results

Friday May 4, 9am session 

Section 106 Restricted Piano Solo 8 years and under: 1st Max Rajasingham, 2nd Anwar Ali, 3rd Noah Cross.

Section 101/102 Novice Piano Solo 6 years and under/8 years and under: 1st Charlie Finnecy.

Section 112 Piano Solo 8 years and under: 1st LinZhao LimSchneider, 2nd Charlie Finnecy.

Section 103 Novice Piano Solo 10 years and under: 1st George Andrawes.

Section 107 Restricted Piano Solo 10 years and under: 1st Lucas Guiney, 2nd Elana Pope, 3rd Ailey Boere, HC Lily McAuliffe, Joesph Hogan, Amelia Southwell.

Section 113 Piano Solo 10 years and under: 1st Chrystina Li, 2nd Amelia Southwell, HC Tristan Cross, Chenmei LimSchneider, Jethro Llewellyn.

Section 119 Piano Solo Pre 1900 10 years and under: 1st Lucas Guiney.

Friday May 4, 1.30pm session

Section 125 Piano Solo Post 1900 10 years and under: 1st Chenmei LimSchneider.

Section 130 Piano Solo TV/Stage/Film 10 years and under: 1st Lucas Guiney.

Section 108 Restricted Piano Solo 12 years and under: 1st Lily Llewellyn, 2nd Gabrielle Bird, 3rd Laurence Wilson, HC Fredrik Morris, Jimmy Li.

Section 131 Piano Solo TV/Stage/Film 12 years and under: 1st Lily Llewellyn, 2nd Katie Hilbert, 3rd Irene Ling.

Section 114 Piano Solo 12 years and under: 1st Tina Zhang, 2nd Riley Brown, 3rd Fredrik Morris, HC  Laurence Wilson, Michelle Li.

Section 142 Preliminary Grade Piano Solo: 1st Ailey Boere, 2nd Rian Watkins.

Section 143 First Grade Piano Solo: 1st Abigail Donaldson.

Section 144/145 Second and Third Grade Piano Solo: 1st Joseph Hogan, 2nd Alex Seppi, HC Charlotte Day, Jethro Llewellyn.

Section 146 Fourth Grade Solo: 1st Kyler Johnston, 2nd Melissa Li.

Friday May 4, 6.30pm session

Section 120 Piano Solo Pre 1900 12 years and under: 1st Tina Zhang, 2nd Alex Seppi, 3rd Isobel Butler-Kwa, HC Riley Brown.

Section 126 Piano Solo Post 1900 12 years and under: 1st Tina Zhang, 2nd Riley Brown, 3rd Katie Hilberts, HC Laurence Wilson, Irene Ling.

Section 137 Piano Solo Jazz/Blues/Boogie 12 years and under: 1st Riley Brown, 2nd Laurence Wilson, 3rd Caiden Wakefield, HC Gabrielle Bird.

Saturday May 5, 9am session

Section 109 Restricted Piano Solo 14 years and under: 1st Elissa Baker.

Section 115 Piano Solo 14 years and under: 1st Tina Zhang, 2nd Morgan Gao, 3rd Melissa Li, HC Seren Everingham.

Section 121 Piano Solo Pre 1900 14 years and under: 1st Tina Zhang, 2nd WenYuan LimSchneider.

Section 132 Piano Solo TV/Stage/Film 14 years and under: 1st WenYuan LimSchneider, HC Zara Horton, Patrick Guthridge.

Section 138 Piano Solo Jazz/Blues/Boogie 14 years and under: 1st Seren Everingham.

Section 171b Set Work 14 years and under: 1st Zara Horton.

Section 147 Fifth Grade Piano Solo: 1st Rosie Li.

Saturday May 5, 1.30pm session

Section 110 Restricted Piano Solo 16 years and under: 1st Ben Butler-Kwa, 2nd Penny Hilberts.

Section 122 Piano Solo Pre 1900 16 years and under: 1st Lucy Norcross, 2nd Tina Zhang, 3rd Elliot Kozary, HC Lillian Smith, Natasha Marshall, Michael Ling.

Section 171c Set Work 16 years and under: 1st Lucy Norcross, 2nd Natasha Marshall, 3rd Lillian Smith.

Section 133 Piano Solo TV/Stage/Film 16 years and under: 1st Antonia Amato.

Saturday May 5, 6.30pm session

Section 116 Piano Solo 16 years and under: 1st Tina Zhang, 2nd Lucy Norcross, 3rd Mitchell Brown, HC Cameron Waugh, Natasha Marshall.

Section 139 Piano Solo Jazz/Blues/Boogie 16 years and under: 1st Mitchell Brown.

Section 128 Piano Solo Post 1900 16 years and under: 1st Mitchell Brown, HC Lillian Smith

Sunday May 6, 9.30am session

Section 129 Piano Solo Post 1900 17 years and over: 1st Gerard Nicholls.

 Section 150 Eighth Grade and Diploma Piano Solo: 1st Lucy Norcross.

Section 111 Restricted Piano Solo 17 years and over: 1st Helen Nevell.

Section 123 Piano Solo Pre 1900 17 years and over: 1st Gerard Nicholls.

Sunday May 6, 1pm session

Section 168 Junior Piano Championship 12 years and under: 1st Tina Zhang, 2nd Riley Brown, 3rd Fredrik Morris, HC Isabella Coleman, Kyler Johnston.

Section 169 Intermediate Piano Championship 16 years and under: 1st Tina Zhang, 2nd Mitchell Brown, 3rd Lucy Norcross, HC Natasha Marshall.

Section 170 Senior Piano Championship 17 years and over: 1st Gerard Nicholls, HC Helen Nevell.

Special awards





8 years and under - LinZhao LimSchneider

10 years and under - Lucas Guiney

12 years and under - Tina Zhang

14 years and under - Zara Horton

16 year and under - Mitchell Brown

17 years and over - Gerard Nicholls

Overall aggregate winner - Tina Zhang



SMILE SCHOLARSHIPS – Riley Brown, Natasha Marshall


8 years and under – Max Rajasingham

10 years and under – Amelia Southwell, Jethro Llewellyn

12 years and under – Riley Brown, Jimmy Li, Gabrielle Bird

14 years and under – Seren Everingham, Timika Lee

16 years and under – Mitchell Brown, Helen Marshall, Rosie Li

17 years and over – Helen Nevell