Down the fairway – Wingham Golf Club news

On Wednesday, February 7 the veterans played for the February Monthly Medal. The winner, with 81 off the stick for a 67 nett, was Dave Andrews, followed by Bill Osborne 72c/b, Dae Elliott 72, putting Steve Seymour 29, and Lionell Fell was the winner of the OBE trophy. The nearest the pin winners were on the 3rd/12th John Rogers, 7th/16th Dave Andrews, and 9th/18th Dave Andrews.

The Wednesday ambrose was won by Brian Hanney Family Ties team, next was Stones Plumbing Nigel Latham, the nearest the pin on the third was Shane, and the port winner was Dave Schubert.

On Thursday February 8 the LJ Hooker ambrose was contested by 49 players. The winner was Andrew Ward 21c/b, Tim Smith 21, Barry Brown 20c/b, Bernden Walker 20c/b, Graham Mansfield 20c/b, Dave Stackpool 20c/b, Reid Brown 20 two under par. Brenden Walker won the NTP on the third and Corey Moore was the winner on the 7th.

On Friday February 9 the ladies played a stableford, and the winner was Debbie Stewart, r/up Noelene Nelson, ball winners R.Dudgeon, S.McKenna, P.Whiteley.

On Saturday February 10 a medley 4BBB stableford was played for the Julie Blanch Marriage Celebrant trophies. Winners were father and son pairing of Danny and Ray Bisby with 48 pts, next were Pete Hinton and Chantelle Steer 46, and Brian and Darren Haynes 45c/b. Indiviual winners were Grant Tickle 42, Steve Race 38, Geoff Swaffield 37. The nearest the pin winners on the1st/10th Wingham Plaza Butchers Pete Hinton, 3rd/12th Wingham Remedial Massage Alex Wilson , 4th/13th Darren Haynes, 7th/16th Bayview Seafood Bob Siecker, 9th/18th Bent on Food Barry Brown. Ball winners were B.Osborne, G.Swaffield , P.Hanlen, P.Bell, A.Elith, G.Stackman, T.Harris,J.Turner, R.Wilson, D.Gutterson, J.Hynes, and E.Braham.

Events coming up

  • February 17 – Golf Shoes trophy, EZGO
  • Saturday February 24 – stableford Wingham Cellars

Pennants are being played with mixed results.

Good golfing from Birdie.