Oxley Island Pony club open day 2018

OXLEY Island Pony Club’s first official training day for the year was described as a ‘terrific day’ with 13 members taking part.

There were a few potential members who couldn’t make it on the day.

“We had many parent volunteers and volunteers without children who willingly assisted us on the day,’’ a spokesman said. 

The morning started with a few new horse and rider combination assessments which took place in the enclosed round yard. This is important at pony club to ensure the safety of riders and to make sure the horse and rider are suitable to prevent potential incidents.

All riders then ventured out into the main arena to have a gear check. Gear checks are regulatory procedures at pony club and are necessary to ensure the horse is equipped with approved gear and the rider is also wearing safe and appropriate footwear, clothing and an approved safety helmet. 

The first session started with a whole club troop drill. This is a great way to get the riders to ride in formation, regulate their stride and work in unison with each other. They need to have stop, go and turn organised.

Riders were then sent off into small groups to work with their instructors to do flat work skills and a few fun relay games.

After a barbecue lunch and despite the challenging heat riders were once again sent into their prospective groups to participate in some fun afternoon sporting and jumping activities. 

The club had a small jump course set up for those wanting to learn jumping or those wanting to improve their jumping skills. This is always with an experienced instructor and lots of valuable information is imparted onto the riders. Bending and flag races set up for those wanted to experience some sporting while some grid work poles and trot poles were in place  for riders and this is always a popular and worthwhile activity for any rider.

There was also an enclosed area for beginner riders or those on the lead who weren’t quite as confident to head out into the main arena. This area had trot poles, bending poles and a small obstacle course to help riders learn how to control their horse but in an area where they felt safe and secure. 

The  next club training day is Sunday February 25 and gates usually open around 8.30am. The club is located on Saltwater Road, Old Bar. For inquiries call Christeen 0497 570 931.

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