Wingham Bowling Club news, November 14

Wednesday Twilight

It was a battle of the abattoir’s top employees when Wayne Goward and Brendon Reeve came up against the usual top combination of Mark Hammond and Colin McTaggart in conditions that did not favour precision bowling. The end result did not look good for Mark and Col as they went down by six shots and thereby handed their opponents the big money. Perhaps their combination should now by split and they could have a chance in future games.

Ben Carney, who is a relatively new bowler, got into the winning team with Matt Harris and Hunter Payton when they put it over Peter Kriss, Cliff Bush and Greg Hile by five shots. Playing out a draw were the teams of Tony Lowman and Neil Greenaway up against Peter Howarth and Tony Colchen. 

Saturday open social

Lorraine Rothe and Graeme Mansfield finished with a +15 and win the day when they accounted for John Black and Ben Carney.

Jack Pie was very disappointed that he could not get any money for the day as he, Peter Tindall and Tim Richardson had a +13 against Jim Gillogly, Denis Rolfe and Ron Lollback. It was Ron's long awaited return to the greens and he displayed some of some of his old prowess but faltered against Tim at times with his renowned very lengthy ends.

Dallas Hammond and Howie Snelson came up against Graeme Ireland and Barry Smith with the score favouring Dally and partner by eight shots well into the game. However the end result went to Dally by two shots.


At 11am all bowlers are reminded of an important meeting and this is then followed by a sponsored open fours competition.