Wingham Bowling Club women's bowls news, November 14

The semi-final of the Consistency was played in good weather and the results are L. Gilford defeated A. Burns; L. Bernell-Jones defeated D. Polley.

Social bowls

We played one game of pairs and one of triples: N. Sandford (skip), J. Nash - 15 defeated D. Matheson (skip), J. Duncan - 9; C. Willey (skip), C. Lockrey, J. Stewart - 25 defeated M. Hinton (skip), J. Pedron, J. Stewart - 10. Lucky Winners: C. Willey (skip), C. Lockrey, J. Stewart.

This week

This week ill be the final of the Consistency event and of course social bowls. L. Gilford vs L. Burnell-Jones; mkr L. Rothe.

Special mention

The Annual General Meeting of Wingham Bowling Club will be held on Sunday November 26 at 10am. All members are welcome to attend this important meeting.

Gentle reminder, lady bowlers, to look in your cupboards for some unwanted items that could be used for our yearly Dutch auction to be held at our Christmas party on Thursday December 14.

Bowls will commence at 9.30am.

See you on the green.