Wingham Productions goes viral on YouTube

Wingham freestyle scooter riders and You Tubers Harry Lee, Harry King and Finn Farland at Wingham Skate Park.
Wingham freestyle scooter riders and You Tubers Harry Lee, Harry King and Finn Farland at Wingham Skate Park.

Some local freestyle scooter riders have taken their tricks to the small screen by starting their own YouTube channel.

Wingham Productions features the antics of channel founders, and Taree Christian College students, Harry Lee and Finn Farland as well as friends Harry King and Wingham High School’s Sam McIntosh.

The teenagers have so far attracted more than 1000 subscribers to their channel with one of their videos going viral and garnering more than 30,000 views.

Their online antics started seven months ago “just for fun” and to promote their beloved sport of scooter riding.

The boys now admit they enjoy entertaining people and aim to continue to build up their audience and aren’t against the idea of becoming famous.

“I didn’t like it at first,” Harry King’s dad, Matt said.

However as time went on the benefits started to show.

“I like the skills they’re learning,” said Harry Lee’s mum Tanya.

Skills such as editing and making the movies.

“It’s something to be proud of,” she added.

Finn’s mum Mel Kuhn felt the boys were old enough to venture onto the online video platform but said she always reads the comments.

Fortunately most of the comments have been positive and the majority of the ‘strangers’ the boys are exposed to have been younger than them.

They have built up quite a following with young boys aged 8-14, some of whom have become good friends.

Regular meet-ups have become a part of their social calendar taking the boys down to Newcastle and even the Central Coast to catch up with other scooter riders who share their passion for the sport.

They couldn’t do this of course without the help of their families with the meet-ups meaning a lot of driving for the parents.

Fortunately they are more than happy to be chauffers to support their son’s passion and dedication.

So far all the filming has been done on the boy’s iPads but plans are afoot for some new equipment.

YouTube has already paid the boys $110 in advertising revenue which will go towards a new camera.