Forster-Tuncurry & Wingham Small Bore Rifle Club report October 11, 2017

Club Championship round October 5

An excellent performance by Duncan Robinson on Thursday night with a personal best score of 195/200 closely followed by Brian Mavin who shot a career high of 192 to show the rest of the field how its done. Robinson is improving every week in the scope class and is working his way toward the magic score of 200 this year.

Brian Mavin, who finished third in last year’s championship, is charging ahead after a slow start to the season.

Shane Russell overtook his brother John, who is struggling with form at the moment.

Full scores for this week’s round are:

  • Duncan Robinson 195 (Scope)
  • Brian Mavin 192
  • Tony Moon 191
  • Shane Russell 189
  • Chris Barnard 187
  • John Russell 179
  • Gordon Higgins 162
  • Sharron Ashby 157
  • Nicholas Ashby 147
  • Rhonda Cassar 143
  • Caelum McCarthy 125