Mount George Memos

Wasn’t it lovely to see and hear the rain after such a long, hot dry spell? It probably won’t be sufficient for the farmers to smile again but every little helps. Is should wash away most of the ash from the fires and help the new grass to grow but perhaps best of all it has cooled the temperature down so we’ve had a few nights more restful sleep.

According to the weather reports on TV though we mustn’t forget that the next few months are the most flood-prone so our troubles may not yet be over. If it becomes too heavy it may also wash away some of the bare topsoil so we might just be jumping from the frying pan into the fire which will mean hard times for the SES members while the firefighters have a rest. There are up and down sides to every type of weather, aren’t there? We should be thankful out here in the tank water areas to get any water at all back in our tanks and that it was fine for almost all the school holidays.

Hopefully all the pupils and teachers have had time to refuel themselves so that they can enjoy this term. It is usually dominated by swimming school and the end of year presentations and concerts which the parents enjoy as much as the youngsters. I don’t think they are as much fun for the teachers, though, I used to think my class would forget all their lines and not being the strongest swimmer that there might be an accident at the pool. Of course these things never happened, thank heavens.

It is often the time for larger excursions and school camps, too, when some pupils are away from parents for a week or so for the first time and so parents worry and children are homesick for a couple of days while they get into routine but once again things work out well as supervision is strict and they are well fed so usually nothing goes wrong and the primary school year ends well.

Then there is the stress for pupils who are sitting for their external exams at high school which stresses the whole family usually. All anyone can do is wish them well, hope they retain all they’ve learned over the years and that nerves don’t beat them.

Once again there are the plus and minus sides to both primary and high school as there are in all situations in life.

The members of the Reserve Trust wish to thank all who turned up last Saturday to help clean up the tennis court but we will get there. We hope you all have your thinking caps on to help make the decision as to what we can use the whole area for to assist the community as a whole and give the children somewhere safe to play in the future.

Don’t forget the Halloween dinner dance at the Mount George Hall on Saturday, October 21. I hope you have your masks ready by now. Remember that to book a table you  need to ring Lola on 6550 7593 for bookings and catering purposes. The Caffreys Flat hall Trust needs your help at this time to get their hall up and running again so please help them by attending. The cost is $25 per adult for dance and a three course dinner, $15 for children up to 16 and under 16 are given free entry.