Letter: Many close to homelesness

After watching the SBS program Filthy Rich and Homeless over a few nights, some startling thoughts have come to mind.

Firstly, the ‘average’ family, and I reiterate ‘average’, may in truth be only six weeks from becoming homeless at any given time. 

On inquiring among my friends and their families, no more than 40 per cent of families have more than one rent payment put aside, or more than one mortgage payment up their sleeve.

In the cold light of day, this is quite terrifying.

We have ‘homeless’ persons among us in Wingham. Shock, horror! Some of us cross paths with these people on occasion.

Remember, a kind word or even an acknowledgement of a person’s existence can be life changing.

There but for the grace of God and hard work by our ancestors go us.

News flash: “Love your neighbour as much as you love yourself,” Luke 10.

Mary Pilotto