Mount George Memos

Hi readers! Today, Wednesday, June 21 is the day with the least hours of sunlight for the year – the winter solstice. That means we get a little more daylight each day from now on but not, I’m afraid, that it begins to warm up as we still have two more months of winter left, worst luck. I must admit it is cosy to have a nice, warm fire waiting for you if you go out to a meeting or some such on the cold winter nights which are sneaking up on us.

It is a pleasure to drive to Wingham now-a-days since the verges of Nowendoc Road are completely cleared of long grass and low vegetation and the roughest of the road edges smoothed with asphalt so that if you need to get off the road for a large vehicle you are not forced to suddenly drop quite a few centimetres and damage the tyres on the passenger's side of your car. Many thanks to all the workmen who made such a big improvement to our journey to town.

Tuesday, June 27 will bring the Red Cross members the meeting we had to postpone from last month as too many members were out of town or had other unavoidable engagements. The meeting is to be held at Beverly Meehan’s home in Wingham at 10.30am.

The trustees of the School of Arts meet that night also and are hoping sufficient trust members come along to the hall to ensure there can be a meeting a they need to make the final arrangements  for the country music day which will be held the second week in July to raise much needed funds for the upkeep of the hall.

Thursday, June 29, a meeting of the reserve trust will be held to finalise the working bee planned for the reserve. The meeting will be held at 1576 Nowendoc Road and begin at 7.30pm. Even if you can’t stay long at the working bee do come along so you can at least find out exactly where the reserve boundaries are and just how big it really is. There will be a notice of the time, etc dropped in your letter box in the very near future. Bring the family. The children can help if they wish, if not there is a the cricket oval for them to play on and there will be sufficient adults on hand to ensure supervision. We’d like your ideas on how to best utilise the reserve so it benefits the whole community in future. Do come along and have your say at the working bee even it that’s all you do.

Don’t forget school holidays begin at the close of the school day on Friday, june 30. That brings me to a reminder for all drivers that it will be more important than ever to drive sensibly as there will be youngsters using the roads during the holidays and many of them ride bikes and scooters when they visit friends and they don’t always understand the road rules.

I’ve had a few reports of drivers, sorry to say, mostly P-platers, using Nowendoc Road to see just how fast their vehicles can go now the workmen have finished. They usually slow down when they get to the town limits but I think maybe their speedos need new cables (or maybe they just need reconnecting) as their 60km an hour seems much faster than it shows up on the speedo. Some can even be heard coming from great distance away. Perhaps the mufflers on their cars also need checking before it’s rego time.