Letter: Save our Pool initiative

Over recent weeks I have seen evidence of a petition attempting to gain community support for retaining the existing pool.

Having viewed the options and discussed alternatives with council representatives the ‘pool demolition’ would appear to be the best option.

Why try to save the pool when the evidence points to the existing facility having an approximate 10 years of useable life?

Should not the petition be asking ‘Show us the New Pool’?

New pool site options worth considering are:

  • in the paddock on the right as you cross the railway line entering Wingham;
  • in the paddock on the left as you cross the railway line, thus utilizing the existing Car parking area;
  • adjacent to the Bowling Club car park and the existing southern bridge abutment meet. This would require negotiation with the Bowling Club to share their car park.
  • same area as above, but negotiate with the Bowling Club to incorporate the pool into their facilities as a Sport and Recreational Centre.

I remember the last offer of a new bridge and how division in the community caused those funds to be directed elsewhere.

Funding of this amount is hard to come by, so  let’s capitalise on this opportunity and not have another visiting tourism officer to the Manning Valley say of  Wingham “This town is the jewel in the crown and they do not realize it”.

Bill Dennis