Wingham Bowling Club women's bowls news June 14, 2017

Last week we played Memorial Pairs with 16 players to play for this beautiful trophy. Winners with +12 ends were Lee Knight and Elaine Holden. Runners-up with +11 were Leonie Gilford and Chris Willey. Next were L. Dennes, J. Thorburn +10; A. Burns, J. Nash +9.

On Thursday June 15 the every popular Greg Owen Mechanical Repairs triples event will be played. It is a full field plus one reserve team. Wow!

It will be a full day of bowls with teams of two wins to play to the yard stick. The winners are then allotted a rink to bowl on with an official bowler standing on the other end with a yard stick measuring (you guessed it) one yard (36 ins). Each bowler in your team has one bowl and hopefully bowl within that stick measurement. If you have done so, then your bowl is lifted onto the bank for all to see how your team has fared. Surprising how one’s bowls do not behave at the end of the day.

Help duties please, if you can, and more importantly some slices for our morning tea would be of great help to us to make our day a success. Club opens at 8am for morning tea for a great day of bowling and catch-up of friends from around our district.

No social bowls on this day.

See you on the green.