Wingham CWA News

The Tartan crowd have passed by again, some presented shortbread, but not as many as in past years. There were few children’s entries but the winning one was of outstanding quality. I hope more will enter next year.

State AGM at the Mingara Club at Tumbi Umbi was enjoyed by those who went.  An excellent venue with big rooms to house Land Cookery, Cultural, Agriculture and Environment and Handicraft.  

Mid North Coast won the group eight items with Vivienne Beaumont’s black work cushion scoring well.  The excellent roomy display areas allowed easy viewing and extraordinary displays. One on bees was of special interest.

On Tuesday we had an early start to get to Port Macquarie for group show and tell. 

This years Agricultural and Environmental Studies take in Quandongs and Quolls and Native Limes.

Bob from Billabong Zoo brought us up to date on the efforts to save endangered quolls. 

Wild lime growers gave everyone a taste of their special natives, now in demand all over the world. They came with fruit, and potted trees ready to plant. Their produce was rushed by the CWA members, always eager to try something new.

A Power Point presentation on quandongs told their story and of a thriving cultivation industry. Some fruit was presented for tasting, not everyone found it to their taste.

An informative and interesting morning was followed by a handicraft afternoon.  A competition for the most interesting beanie. I am not sure who would wear some of the beanies, imagination had run wild and there were some very unusual entries.  A lesson in invisible casting on for knitting kept the chat level high for the rest of the afternoon.

A great group day together where friendship spreads and grows.