Bonnie Wingham 2017 Braveheart Poet's Breakfast

The 2017 Braveheart Poets’ Breakfast is taking shape to be bigger than ever.

In January this year the call went out for poets and recitationists to “get their reciting hats on” and gear up for the event.

The Gloucester community, which also has a strong Scottish heritage, responded to the call with gusto and will be taking part on the stage.

Past years have seen poets from as far as Grafton recite and it is hoped that they will be getting ready to perform again and try their skills alongside the locals.

The breakfast is hosted at the Anglican Church Hall in Wingham on Friday, June 2 from 7.30am.

The cost is $12.50 and all proceeds are donated to the Wingham High School student counselling program.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Braveheart Poets Breakfast and there is no need to book – feel free to pop in before work.