Letter to the editor - Cedar Party Creek Bridge replacement

The decision and route to be taken for the new entrance to Wingham has yet to be decided, however that decision should be based on reliable information by the proponent or objectors. Unfortunately, people tend not to believe the so called ‘institution' – that is their right. And yes, a 50 metre pool must remain in Wingham, be it new or old. 

There may well be another route yet to be identified that does not involve Cedar Party Creek Bridge, if that be the case, well done. 

Does the bridge flood every four to five years as MidCoast Council has indicated, a fact rejected through an objector’s Facebook page?

As chairman of our former council’s flood plain management committee for more than 18 years, I have some knowledge on local floods. 

Please consider the following: the Manning River has a flood dominant and a drought dominant cycle.   

During the period 1901 through to 1948, 17 floods impacted Cedar Party Bridge. The years 1948 through to 1981 saw 50 floods impact the bridge; in 1963 three floods, in March, April and May of that year, affected the bridge.

Eighty years, 67 floods, one every of one and a half years affecting the bridge to some degree either through nuisance or closure. Since the 1980s the river has been in a drought dominant cycle, still with floods both big and small. however less frequent . . . at the moment!

My issue: many residents and businesses in Wingham rely on flood free roads. Wingham Abattoir, one of the largest employers in the Manning Valley, relies heavily on road transport for its entire operation and that is very easily interrupted by flood water and associated road pavement destruction. Cast your mind back to Lismore and its recent flood. 

My question: can Wingham’s economic future afford not to have a flood free entrance?

David West