CWA is not just tea and scones

Nepal, our country of study for this year, looks minute when its map is dropped as a dot in the middle of a map of Australia. Such a small land mass but with so much history.

Wingham is fortunate to have Julie as our international officer as she has twice toured in Nepal and has first-hand knowledge to share.

Audrey on the agricultural and environmental front is delighting us with information on unusual creatures, long and short-necked turtles, this month.

We have all seen them waddling across a road but what do we know about them? Her pictorial presentations are fascinating. 

Handicraft continues on Thursday mornings. If you enjoy a gossip while you do your knitting or embroidery, do come along. 

On the other hand, if you enjoy singing with friends, or can do a little acting, join cultural on Tuesday morning.

We had more requests for catering, but we are not just tea and scones, although one member will be joining the workers at our famous tea room at the Royal Easter Show.

Plans are already underway for the celebration of our hundredth year in 2022.