Flying Fox maternity loop in Wingham Brush remains closed

The maternity loop of the Flying Fox Circuit in Wingham brush is remaining closed to the public for an undetermined time frame.

Although the maternity camp is closed, last week vandals entered the section and caused damage to the boardwalk, necessitating repairs by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

The rate of deaths of grey-headed flying fox babies has lessened dramatically as the breeding season moves on and NPWS ranger Michael Thomas reports that there are not many carcasses left on the ground as they decompose very quickly.

However, the extended period of extreme hot weather puts more stress on the animals and Mr Thomas said NPWS want to keep the loop closed for the well-being of the parents and babies.

“Most of the damage has been done. It’s just a matter of monitoring the weather patterns,” Mr Thomas said.

“It hasn’t been a great season for them and their breeding. The little reds [little red flying fox] didn’t arrive this year, which is a godsend.”

The Brush has lost a few Moreton Bay fig trees this summer, however Mr Thomas said there is already a lot of regrowth and “thankfully” the regeneration cycle of the subtropical lowland rainforest is a fast one at five to 10 years.