Tess Kerbel at Manning Regional Art Gallery | sharing experiences through art

Sharing experiences through art | video

The newest exhibition at the Manning Regional Art Gallery is calling on people to share their thoughts and experiences on the topic of ‘place and displacement’.

Using words and watercolour, Tess Kerbel is the latest artist to participate in The Wall Project and during the next month is exploring the theme of place and displacement through interactive word paintings.

“We’re trying to get people into the gallery and to make something to add to the collage,” said Tess.

“Some people have already contributed, so that’s really exciting.”

Place and displacement is a subject close to her heart.

“I’m a migrant. We emigrated from Africa to Australia when I was eight and more recently from Sydney to Taree.

“The exhibition brings together bits and pieces of my experiences from that time.

“Place and displacement is also a really important issue in the 21st century with post-colonisation, refugees and migrants, plus the displacement of humanity from its environment.”

Tess said poetry and text are her main mediums but because the exhibition was in a gallery she wanted to make it more visual in some way.

The use of watercolour was inspired by the Frugal Forest, which is currently showing at the gallery.

“I’m trying to show the breaking down of early ideas and drafts.”

The collage she has created is set to evolve over the next month as people add their own contributions.

“People are invited to come in and add their own ideas about place and displacement or anything they are inspired by in the space. 

“In the act of doing this, it is an act of connecting with the community.”

Tess has a masters in creative writing and is a freelance editor for Standards Australia.

She also has a bachelor in fine arts (drawing and painting), and worked in oil paint.

“Watercolour is a bit of a shift because when I was doing drawing and oils it was very controlled, with this I’m just trying to let the painting happen.”

The Wall Project ‘Place and Displacement’ opened at the Manning Regional Art Gallery on Wednesday January 4 and runs through to Sunday February 5.