Special plan ahead day in Wingham

PLANNING ahead for later life may seem like a tedious and overwhelming task, but , where people can get their will and power of attorney documents professionally drafted with them.

A plan ahead day involves getting essential pre-planning legal documents like your will and power of attorney in place, so that you are prepared for the future, in the event that you are no longer able to manage your financial affairs, or for when you die.

According to Jenni Edwards, branch manager NSW Trustee and Guardian, Port Macquarie, without a Will, items of monetary and sentimental value may not be distributed as you may have wanted.

It’s also important your Will is kept up-to-date as your life circumstances change for example, when you get married, purchase a business or property, get divorced, or have children.

“A power of attorney should also come hand-in-hand with a will, as it allows you to appoint an attorney to manage financial and legal affairs such as paying bills and signing documents if you are unable to manage these affairs yourself or lose the mental capacity to make decisions for yourself,” she said.

“Every adult, 18 years of age and over needs to set time aside to get these documents in place, because no one really knows what is around the corner. The good thing is, once you have planned ahead, you can get on with enjoying life, knowing that your assets and finances will be protected in the future.”

There is no charge to make or update a will with NSW Trustee and Guardian when appointing them as your executor.

Fees are charged upon deceased estate administration only.

Similarly, there’s no charge to prepare a Power of Attorney with NSW Trustee and Guardian as Attorney, and fees are charged upon its activation.

NSW Trustee and Guardian is the State’s largest will maker and has written over 950,000 wills and administered thousands of different estates - so you can benefit from their independent and impartial expertise to ensure your will and power of attorney documents are legally valid and reflect your current circumstances.

Details of Plan Ahead Day

Date: Wednesday, September 10

Venue: Manning Neighbourhood Centre, 4 Farquhar Street, Wingham

Bookings are essential, phone 6584 0741