Zone 8 RSL Lawn Bowls

ZONE 8 RSL bowls made a return to West Port Bowling Club after an absence of six years and what a great success it was.

The way the weather had been we were not confident about getting on the greens but it came good for us.

In the absence of president Charles Fisher, vice president Stewart Hodges took control and once the Ode was recited 112 bowlers took to the greens, unfortunately we were a little late getting to the greens for once again one complete team failed to turn up, not even contacting anyone saying “no show “’ today. 

This completely sets all players back, they have to sit around while teams are sorted out and cuts players time on the greens.

So members do the right thing, if you are not able to play PLEASE CONTACT SOMEONE AND TELL THEM, even if it’s only minutes away from start time, we don’t want to enforce penalties on players but it may be something that has to be looked at.

Once on the greens all players played in the right spirit, they were kept hydrated by the staff even coffee was brought to players and all in all a great morning was had by all, on completion all players adjourned to the club for some more refreshments and lunch.

West Port certainly put on a great luncheon with all players, lady supporters enjoying a large roast luncheon, when lunch was completed it was down to presenting the winners, and they were as follows:

S Grimshaw, O Bowd, F Ryan / D Handsaker, M Bayes, F Pearson / S Allen, P Moon.

Congratulations to all winners , it was then we drew the raffle and 25 lucky winners walked away with goodies.

To West Port Bowling Club Zone 8 RSL Bowls thanks you very much, the greens staff, bar and dining staff all did a wonderful job and now that we have returned we hope it’s a long term arrangement.

Our next social bowls day is at Port City BC on the September 15 followed by the annual North vs South day at Wingham BC on the Monday October 13, remember there are only 28 teams of fours - 14 from both areas so get in quick.

Until next time we meet

Zone 8 RSL Bowls / publicity officer