IMAGINE shooting in the down pours and wind that we have experienced over the last few weeks, well members of your local archery club The Mountain View Archers did, not locally but packed up their gear and headed of to a tournament at Coffs Harbour.

Not to be deterred by the weather they rallied to represent us in what was to be a pretty wet two day event.

Some of the ranges were closed or moved due to unsafe conditions the host club was busy into the late hours of the night after the first days shooting rearranging shooting lanes so the competition could go ahead.

Due to a splendid effort on their behalf the shoot was able to continue and the two day event did wind up a little wet but overall successful.

It just goes to show with our selected sport not much will prevent it happening as long as there is no risk factor involved.

The following members achievements in their respective divisions were, Julianne Elliott second, Owen Kirkman first, Terry Elliott first, a wonderful result from a very eventful weekend away.

The inquiries and personal visits regarding our introduction to archery that we offer at our indoor hall is still very busy, familes are realizing that they can all learn and enjoy this great sport indoors or outdoors together.

Our senior members are on hand to help with this influx and new lane barriers have been built and installed by our president to separate the learners from the more advanced pupils.

Another aspect to look forward to is our 3D look alike rubber feral animal shoots, these are usually held approx every two weeks at our 200 acre club house and facilities.

New archers after their initial training are welcome to join us at the range to experience shooting these targets set amongst the trees simulating their natural environments, again under the watchful eyes of senior members.

If we can assist you in any way relating to archery please contact us, or come along to our Introduction venue held every Thursday evening in the indoor hall in the Wingham show ground at 6pm.

We cater for all ages and stature, the strong and not so strong, equipment can be supplied to get you started then we can offer all the help required for your own purchases.

Maybe just drop by to have a look and a free cuppa and see for yourself what a fun time we have, contacts for more information are Owen on 6552 6163 or John on 6553 6018.