Making history with photo shoot

FORMER students and staff of Wingham Rural District School are encouraged to attend the Wingham Brush Public School at midday on Saturday September 13, to participate in a special photo shoot as part of the celebrations for Wingham Sesquicentenary of Public Education.

Guest of honour at this photo shoot will be Mrs Zadie Single, who taught at the school as Miss Zadie Grant during the 1940s.

The photo shoot will take place at midday, near the Isabella Street entrance to the Administration building, which was the Industrial Arts building in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

Immediately following the photo shoot, Wingham Brush Public School will be open for Inspection.

This is a rare opportunity for past and present students, staff and visitors to stroll around the school, see inside modern classrooms and enjoy performances and displays from current students.

A sausage sizzle lunch will be available at the school, prior to free guided tours of the brush kicking off at 1.30pm from the Enviro Centre, within the grounds of the school.

Although known as Wingham Brush Public School now, the school has undergone many changes since the first classes were held at the Isabella Street site in the late 1870s.

Between 1864 and 1877, Wingham Public School was housed in a single room timber schoolhouse in Schoolhouse Gully.

In 1898, the school was reclassified as a Superior School, which allowed inclusion of some high school subjects.

As enrolment soared, the school became Wingham Rural District School in 1930, until reverting to its original name of Wingham Public School in 1963.

In 1987, Wingham Public School moved to new premises on Murray Road, and the old school buildings became home to the newly formed Wingham Brush Public School.