On the Bulga

Local songbirds give chords a workout

A NUMBER of locals from Elands and Bobin travelled to Taree for the weekend to participate in a choral workshop conducted by Jonathan Welch, the performer and conductor famous for his formation of "The Choir of Hard Knocks".

That choir (now known as The Choir of Hope and Inspiration) includes homeless and disabled singers, and gained international acclaim through a documentary which culminated in a moving performance at the Sydney Opera House.

In our own Opera House of sorts, the Manning Entertainment Centre, locals including Telly Bertels and Meaghan Lewis were two of the 100 choristers who participated in the weekend workshop and then performed last Sunday.

They certainly raised the roof, and their affection for the lively Jonathon Welch was palpable.

Included in the program were pieces from local choirs, including "Wingsong" which is led by Telly.

Well done songbirds, you sounded great!

Birthdays for the Virgos

WE'RE coming into Virgo territory, so this week we say Happy Birthday to John Hawkins and Amanda Musico, two much loved members of the Elands community.

Although John lives in Warrawillah, he often shows up in Elands helping us out with his PA at events like Talents of the Bulga, so we're claiming him as an honorary Elander.

Many Happy Returns to you both and we're looking forward to the parties that are planned.

Renovations at Elands Shop

RENOVATIONS are underway at Elands Shop with new cladding on some of the interior walls and plans afoot for a complete re-fit of shelves behind the Post Office Counter.

There will probably also be an electronic upgrade of postal facilities, pending agreement from the day managers and board, and plans are afoot for a permanent pagoda to be constructed on the island in front of the shop where bands play.

It's all go, go, go so drop in and check out the changes when next you're up our way.

Elands School focussing on local business

THE children of Elands Public School are planning a close range excursion to find out more about local businesses.

Next week they will visit the Elands Shop and "Nature's Gold Honey" here in the village to find out what makes these businesses tick. They're out to learn the differences between a co-operative and a private company, and we're planning some fun activities for them while they're at each place.

No doubt there'll be some honey tasting involved and the Elands Shop is readying extra sausage rolls for the day, because as we all know, the way to a kid's brain is through their taste buds.

I'll keep you informed of how the visit goes.