Mount George Memos

Hi, everyone! I'd say all the farmers and those dependent on tank water would be feeling a fair bit happier than they have for the past few months.

The dams look much fuller and one can almost see the pasture growing overnight, thank goodness.

Well, Spring is in the air which means almost three quarters of the year has passed already.

It also means there are only three weeks left of this school term and about 12 weeks until Santa is due to call.

Where has this year gone?

Sick bay

IT'S great to see some of our erstwhile not so well friends managing to move around more freely now despite still being shod to walk on the moon.

I know of at least one impatient moonwalker who has removed his footwear more than a little early but he always was impatient.

He even decided to be born in February instead of April many years ago and didn't even wait to get to a hospital for the occasion.

He even has a silver cup to prove his impatience.

We also have one patient who was grounded for a few weeks now driving his car around again which is great and has probably improved his outlook on life quite a lot.

Still take things easy and don't push yourselves too hard or you may end up back confined to a prone position again, guys.

Special days

WE have just had Daffodil Day (last Friday), National Wattle Day (Monday), all the horses are officially a year older and we celebrate Fathers' Day next Sunday which, I suppose, means every dad will get breakfast, which has been cooked by his loving children, in bed and lots of lovely, useful gifts like socks, handkies, etc.

Have a great Fathers' Day all dads out there and remember it only happens once a year.

A plea to all drivers

THERE are 60 k/h signs at each end of our village for all to see when they drive along Nowendoc Road but not all drivers and riders are obeying the speed limit when going through our little town.

Last week we had a dog hit by a driver who didn't stop to check on it but just kept going despite the fact that it happened in town and was someone's pet.

It was left to neighbours to inform the owners who then had to dispose of their pet which we all know is not an easy thing to do.


So dogs shouldn't be on the road but what if it had been a young child who had escaped from their safe yard and been hit?

I sincerely hope said driver would then at least have stopped.

One can usually avoid accidents if driving to the speed limits and the conditions of the road.

Please, when driving through even sparsely populated areas do the right thing, slow down and keep alert for any unexpected happening so you do not cause hurt or sorrow to people who live there.