Women's soccer

From the start Tinonee were all over Wingham who got off to a slow start again.

They managed to hold Tinonee out and Amba Brown was bought down in the box for a penalty to Wingham.

Unfortunately Claire Bird missed the goal.

Half time came and Wingham were frustrating Tinonee who started having their shots further out and Wingham were doing quick counter attacks with finally Mikayla Peckett scoring only to be ruled offside.

Halfway through second half Amba Brown finally scored after threatening to do so on a number of occasions.

Mikayla Peckett scored our two goals bulldozing her way through the Tinonee backs.

Tinonee threw everything they had at Wingham in the last 10 minutes with two spectacular saves from Ang Bradley who put her body on the line to shut down two certain goals - with the crowd asking who is that girl.

Well done Ang.

Wingham won 2 nil.