Eye on women's bowls

At home

WE held the "Peter Brown Prize" event and for this, we played three games of Triples of 12 ends each.

This meant we played 24 ends and some ladies were getting tired towards the end, but we all enjoyed our games.

Winners with two wins plus 17 ends were P Marcus (skip), C Lockrey and N Platt.

Runners Up with one win and a draw plus 16 point ends was N Foy (skip), E Holden and D Lewis.

It was very pleasing to see our Treasurer Myra Cash play bowls for she has not lost her touch!!

Hope to see you play more bowls Myra!!

Next week, Thursday August 28 will be social bowls plus the "Princess of the Green" event.

Joan Thorburn vs Norma Platt.

Special Mention

MINOR Singles nominations will close and are drawn on September 4 at 9am.

Saturday bowls with Narelle was played under beautiful rain laden skies.

Our timing was perfect for we played our two games of pairs just before the heavy showers fell.

One would think both teams were playing for "sheep stations" by the way the players showed such intensity with their shot making!!


P MARCUS and L Gilford defeated J Duncan and N Foy 15 - 13.

E Holden and D Byard defeated D Lewis and N Platt 19 - 18.

And the friendships will still roll on !!


REMINDER lady bowlers Sunday August 31 will be nominated mixed pairs at $15 each/player.

There will be lunch available from the bistro so order before play please.

A cash prize of $300 will be awarded for first, second and third places.

Please give some thought to who you want to be in a team with.

Enter your name on the sheet provided in the bowl's office please.

It does make it easier to run this event with the Numbers.

Thanking you

See you on the green.