Stable update: GTCC grants more time until demolish decision

A lengthy debate at Wednesday's council meeting has seen a favourable outcome for history enthusiasts in Wingham.

Council has adjourned its decision on the historic stables until the next meeting on September 17 giving the community time to be involved.

Barbara Waters, president of the Manning Valley Historical Society attended last night's meeting and was the first to speak on the subject.

She questioned why there was such an urgency to make the decision now when the stables were in fact damaged back in March.

"There was a very long discussion," she said.

"But for us it went very well."

An emergency meeting of the strategic heritage advisory committee (SHAC) will be held on Monday and Barbara said she is considering calling a public meeting.

Calling for more time with stable decision

Tuesday August 19

When council meets tonight to determine the future of the historic stables on Farquhar Street, Barbara Waters will be there.

The president of the Manning Valley Historical Society will call on council to defer the decision to demolish the stables to allow the community time to get involved.

Barbara only read in a letter yesterday that the decision whether to demolish the historic stables would be made at tonight's meeting (Wednesday).

"I feel the community should have been given some time to be involved," she said.

"We're an historic town and sadly our heritage is disappearing."

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