Stables on agenda

A REQUEST to demolish the front section of the stable building next to the Australian Hotel will be discussed by Greater Taree City Council on Wednesday.

The heritage stables were damaged in strong winds in March.

Following inspection of the buildings Notices of Intention to Serve Orders were issued after which the owners sought to modify to permit part demolition of the structure.

Council staff have considered the safety concerns relating to the condition of the stables, as well as the heritage value.

Based on staff assessment of the material provided by the owners, it is recommend that the front, older portion of the stables be demolished, and the rear (newer) portion retained.

In a building survey report to council, it is stated that real concerns exist for the safety of the public and hotel staff.

Future winds could dislodge roof sheeting and other materials, which could become airborne.

The stables have deteriorated over time to such a degree, that rectification works and/or rebuilding of the structure are estimated to be in the order of $350,000 to $400,000.

As the stables provide no real economic return for the hotel business, such an impost could place a considerable financial burden on the owners of the property, the report stated.

The stable is reported to be the last of its type in the district.

Archival evidence suggests that the hotel and stables were constructed on the site before 1899 and the stables are listed as items of local heritage significance in the Greater Taree Local Environmental Plan 2010.

Council's meeting will be held in the Council Chambers, 2 Pulteney Street Taree on Wednesday August 20 from 5pm. 

Members of the public are welcome to attend.