Wednesday Dads Army

WINNING the day were B Page, M Hollebone and C Hinton with a 21-7 win over J Kennett, B Craig and P Williams.

Also with a big win were G Watts, T Baker and B Williams with a 26-15 against G DePyper, G Williams and J Gillogly.

A Messer, M Cannon and W Lewis beat D Connell, D Hammond and J Black 20-15.

The jackpot was spun with no winning number drawn.

Friday Mixed

WINNING the day were N Foy and J Gillogly with a win +10 ends against R Lollback's team.

Runners-up were B Craig and M Hollebone with a win +8 ends against L Gilford and G Gilford.

In a much closer game L Dennes and G Dennes beat J Black and A Cox 14-13.

Saturday Social

THE bowls were cut short by the weather this week with only 10 ends played.

M Hollebone and G Ireland were the two lucky card winners that took home a meat voucher.

Flag unfurling for both Grade 2 and Grade 5 is this Sunday in club uniform.