Core values become work of art

Artist Mykel Carlier has been working with Wingham High students in years 7-10 to create five large murals for the school.

Four of the murals will respresent each of the school's core values of respect, trust, fairness and positivity with a fifth being a synthesis of them all.

Shoes and socks have been coming off and students have been encouraged to drop their inhibitions and leave their own mark on the artwork.

The murals will be placed in the stair wells within the school, serving to beautify an otherwise utilitarian part of the building.

Mykel said he is grateful to the students who chose to take part.

"By working together in a group the artwork will truly be a representation of everyone instead of an individual few," he said.

The project also invites the students to better learn the core values.

Mykel will continue working with the students for the next two weeks.