Wingham High survey reveals wonderful memories

Wingham High School class of 1970 see website for more photos.
Wingham High School class of 1970 see website for more photos.

Results of a survey sent to past Wingham High School principals and captains has  helped paint a clearer picture of the benefits of attending the school.

The survey was undertaken as part of the 150 years celebration of public education and also asked participants about their favourite memories from their time as a student or working at the school.

Many responses included sporting visits with fond memories expressed of travelling by train for the interschool visit with Gloucester to being a part of a team who represented from school to state or simply the end of year life-saving.

Public Speaking, academic challenges and school dances “where we shuffled around clutching clammy hand after clammy hand,” were also recorded.

 School drama and musical performances remained wonderful memories for many while to others the ability to gain leadership skills, interacting and forming friendships with people from other years through the SRC or participating in the agricultural aspects of the school were treasured moments.

Quality education was a major aspect of all the responses sent.  

Dr Crystal McKeough, captain in 2000, said “the talented, experienced and dedicated teachers went out of their way to ensure that we all achieved the best that we could be.” 

She continued that her $36 a year school contribution got her to the same uni that a $36,000 a year private school tuition fee got others.

Jai Allison, captain 1999 and now an environmental engineer, wrote “I fondly remember the day it dawned on me that teachers were normal people, that they were even cool.”

He went on to say that the staff would “day in day out help us get on with growing up.”

Carolyn Kane, captain 1967 attended the high school in the first few years at its present site and is now head of communications for the Australian Newsagents’ Federation.  

She wrote “whilst the country school may not have had the variety of subjects of city schools it was entirely safe and friendly and through a bit of study most of our year attained the results they were seeking.”

Past principal Dave Elliott wrote of his favourite memories “working with the dedicated and professional teaching and ancillary staff, interacting with thousands of students celebrating outstanding academic, sporting and cultural achievements with teachers and students over many years.”

His most favourite memory of the school though was “the overwhelming, immense feeling of pride the day in 2006 I was selected to be the next principal of Wingham High School.”

Photographs of the past principals, deputy principals and captains of Wingham High School will take place in the WHS hall commencing 3.30pm Saturday  September 13.

Please contact the high school or wingham150education blog for any further information or if you are one of the leaders who as yet has not been personally contacted.