Rainforest study: Mt George students at Wingham Brush

On Thursday July 31 Mount George Public School students travelled to the Wingham Brush as part of their Rainforest study.

Student's Keegan Aquilina and Ethan Trafford tell us in their own words what the experience was like for them: 

We were joined by Mr Davy (National Parks and Wildlife) who gave us a talk about the animals and trees of the local area as well as the regeneration of the nature reserve.

At the Wingham Brush school we all went into the environmental room that had all different stuffed animals, fossils and pictures of the brush and what it used to look like before it was restored.

Later we were lucky enough to have a tour around the brush where we met lots of different animals like brush turkeys and flying foxes.

After lunch Mr Davy got out his Diamond Python and showed us him.

It was scary and exciting.

Mr Falla got scared.

Mr Davy is a caring teacher who cares a lot about the environment and the animals in the local area.

We learnt heaps and it was a fun excursion.