Mountain View Archers

OUR club the Mountain View Archers Inc Wingham sure know how to keep their members busy with the amount of away venues we have been attending recently.

Just as well the grass isn't growing as gardens would be overgrown.

Carrying on from the successful sleep over weekend, members then competed in an inter club night shoot at the Hastings Club under flood lights.

The attending members were able to come away with two podium places being Brad Grauls second and Rod Hailes third a splendid effort.

Next it was down to Manly for the two day tournament where we also had members representing us, ranges were as usual very demanding due to the hills and valleys, some were on so steep an angle that toes were best kept back out of the line of fire.

Again our members showed the other shooters from all over the country that we were there to give them our best shots.

Results were as follows with Alex Elvin classed into the top ten, then in their respective divisions we had Alanna Herring second, Owen Kirkman second, Alex Elvin third, we were also successful in the team event finishing third.

Other competing members also posted terrific results for a great weekends competition, congratulations to all.

The introduction to archery that we hold every Thursday evening in our indoor hall at 6pm in the Wingham Showground is still keeping instructors and senior members busy.

The recent influx of people wishing to learn this wonderful family sport has exceeded our usual expectation and all but filled our 15 lanes and using up all our equipment that is normally available.

Our president and other helping hands have been kept busy assisting with lots of their new purchases, tuning, assembling, or just measuring and advising the correct equipment for their particular stature and also helping where possible in its purchase and accessories.

You are welcome to come and try or just have a look and a coffee at our indoor venue, catering for all ages, gender and stature, if you would like any further information please contact Owen on 6552 6163 or John on 6553 6018.