Wingham Golf Club turns 100

SATURDAY, August 9, looms as a very special night for members and friends of Wingham Golf Club.

On this night the 100 year anniversary of the club will be celebrated, with the actual founding on August 7, 1914.

The Wingham Golf Club was first located at a site at Wingham Racecourse with Dr Kelly the founding president.

Over the ensuing years the club continued to survive despite several changes in location.

As many people know, the club shifted to Gollan's paddock behind the present row of houses on the right hand side of the entrance to Wingham.

Here it remained for several years, then on to Summerville's paddock at the junction of Bulga and Marchfield roads, then to Walshe's paddock adjoining the showground in the area now known as the Golf Course Estate, virtually the site of the old Wingham Council Housing Estate.

Around 1938 (just before WW2), the club moved back to Gollan's paddock, remaining there until 1953.

Despite the natural landscape at that location being ideally suited to a golf course, the club at the time was unable to purchase the land so the decision was made to move to the present site.

On March 28, 1953, that site became the sixth and hopefully, the final location of Wingham Golf Club.

2014 and beyond

In 2014 the Club continues to thrive with over 400 playing members and several hundred ordinary and social members as well.

Several changes have occurred both in the club and on the course over the years with perhaps the club extensions a few years ago and the present new machinery storage shed the most notable.

On the actual course, changes are inevitable as the modern player and his playing equipment continue to make holes shorter (not every player encounters this however). A few of these changes include the change from bent to couch greens, the 'new' par five second hole and of course, the incredible increase in the number of trees on the course.

In the 'old days' Wingham was lucky to have twenty trees on the course, but now there would be 'twenty thousand'.

Of course for those of you who hit it straight, there is no problem.

Since 1914 Wingham Golf Club has witnessed many exceptional golfers with John Machin definitely the outstanding player.

John won a staggering number of both Club and Mid North Coast titles, even playing in the Australian Open at Perth in 1962.

John was also very prominent on the administrative side of the club and was largely responsible for a lot of additions to both the course and the club itself while he was alive.

Of course John was a Life Member along with Chris Gollan, Wilfred Machin, Russell Hardy, Alan Sweeney, Wal Garradd, Archie Budden, Mrs Micky McKeough, Mrs Ida Kane, Mrs Ollie McKeough, Peter Mudie, Milton Sky, Mrs Rose Gilfillan, Rex White and Ross Dawson.


To celebrate the Centenary Anniversary of Wingham Golf Club a special night is planned for Saturday, August 9 at the club.

Attire for the night is semi-formal with a dinner dance the order of the night.

Tickets are $45 per person including a three course meal and bookings can be made at the club by calling 6553 4761.

Hope to see you there.