Fire at Linga Longa Farm: Photos

A FIRE in scrubland last Thursday burnt more than 50 hectares and razed the edge of Linga Longa Farm.

Owners Greg and Lauren Newell are counting their blessings and the hard work and dedication of local fire fighting crews.

At least eight RFS crews and two NSW Fire and Rescue units fought the blaze all afternoon to save two homes under threat.

"We've only lost a little bit of pasture and some fencing, I can live with that." Greg said.

Greg is a volunteer fire fighter with Wingham's 502 NSW Fire and Rescue unit.

He and Lauren had just gone in to have lunch when Greg got a call to attend a fire.

"I went outside and realised it was in my paddocks," he said.

Torn between going down to the paddock or heading to the station, he chose to get suited up and return with his colleagues.

Soon more units were on the scene with the fire gaining speed through scrubland on the property opposite.

"People don't realise just how dry it has been," said Greg.

"There's a lot of fuel about," said Wingham's Fire and Rescue captain Dave O'Donnell.

"We've never been called to so many fires as we did last month," he said.

"It's already a record season."

Bushfire season officially started on Friday, August 1 and anyone wanting to have a fire will now need a permit.

But local fire fighters are advising against lighting fires, even with a permit, due to the danger currently posed by dry conditions.

"Forget about it," said RFS Wallaby Joe captain Bob Pope who warns permits are likely to be re-called soon anyway.

"We're facing a very busy bushfire season," he said.

Bob reminds anyone who sees a fire to call 000 immediately.