Youth summit leaves lasting impression on students

Grace Callaghan, Jai Harrison and Brianna Xuereb

Grace Callaghan, Jai Harrison and Brianna Xuereb

THREE Wingham High students are still on a high after attending the Luminosity Youth Summit in Port Macquarie last week.

Grace Callaghan, Jai Harrison and Brianna Xuereb spent two days hearing motivational talks, attending a master class and even performing at the event.

The youth summit is aimed at inspiring youth to follow their dreams - something Grace and Jai have been doing with great gusto over the past few months.

As a musical duo, now named Sweet Nothin', they have performed at numerous local establishments and have just recorded their first album.

Luminosity re-enforced the concept of spending time doing what you love.

For Brianna, her love of dancing saw her take part in a group dance class choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance contestants Patric Kuo and Ashleigh Tavares.

She found the experience motivating and said even non dancers were taking part.

"Everyone worked together and it was really fun," she said, the exerience further highlighting summit teachings about talent.

"We were taught that we shouldn't let the belief that we were not born with talent hold us back," said Jai.

"Challenge yourself and don't be afraid to fail, they said."

In a master class with mindset coach Kathryn Stephens, the students were taught it is not about what life throws at you - it's how you work with it when it does.

Kathryn was involved in an accident at age 24 that left her totally blind.

Listening to Kathryn's inspirational story left a lasting impression on the students.

"I'm definitely doing it again next year," said Jai.

"Me too, even if I have to save all year," added Brianna.

The 2014 Luminosity Youth Summit was held at the Glasshouse in Port Macquarie on July 16-18.