Free introductory evening with spiritual teacher

A free introductory evening with spiritual teacher Maria Gabriella Molnar will be held on Tuesday July 8.

It is an opportunity for the community to meet Maria, listen to her story and have their questions answered.

She will share her 40 years of personal growth and travels around the world as an international inspirational trainer and practitioner.

Maria has been called a truth speaker, oracle and spiritual technician.

She has been able to overcome a traumatic childhood (as a two year old refugee) and challenges of dyslexia, stuttering and nameless fear of people and places.

As an adult, by attending self-development workshops, Maria came to the realisation that in order to become whole (which she calls her authentic self) she needed to make serious changes within.

In her search, Maria discovered the power of neuo-linguistic kinesiology and neuo-linguistic programming.

"These techniques saved my life," Maria said.

"They gave me the tools, enabling me to stabilize my emotions and become coherent, centered and self-confident.

"This led to my ability to speak up, speak out and speak with clarity."

Maria diligently followed this path to become an internationally accredited, certified trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology,

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Pure Levels of Reiki 1,2 and 3, Time Line Therapy, Rites of Passage, Breath work and Kahuna Body Work.

Maria is also a civil celebrant.

Her wish is to bring these certified trainings to people who are willing to help themselves and their children.

These techniques and practices have a way of balancing children leading to ease of learning, self-development and the self confidence that flows on from that.

For those who are interested in attending the free evening or desire a personal session with Maria please call 0422 960970.

Free introductory evening:

Date: Tuesday, July 8, 7pm- 9pm.

Venue to be announced.