Sesquicentenary Meeting

THE Committee organising the Celebration of 150 years of Public Education in Wingham, will meet at 4pm on Tuesday July 15 at Wingham Public School, Murray Road.

There will be a discussion about the Saturday evening official ceremony.

With only two months to go, final details are being made.

A big weekend of activities is planned for September 12-14 with Wingham Public School, Wingham Brush Public School and Wingham High School open for inspection during the weekend.

After the Tabloid Sports involving the primary schools on the Friday in Central Park, past musical students will entertain the many who plan to return to Wingham, at the top pub, The Australian Hotel.

There are over 500 likes on the Facebook page and hundreds of photos on the official blog site.

For more information email: or phone Susan Ryan on 6553 5150.