Conditions difficult for shooters

ON a wild, windy day Wingham Rifle Club shooters lined up on the 800 metre range to compete.

Some managed to contend with the conditions better than others, and this was reflected in some very low scores from competitors. In the second stage there was also sleety rain to deal with, so it was very hard for accuracy.

A-grade was was won by Tony Moon with two consistent stages of 48.5 for a total of 96.10, then Steve Southwell who fired 95.8, Jim Blackmore 92.6, and Wendy Moon, who had a terrific first stage of 50.5 then faltered in her second stage for a total score of 89.7.

B-grade was taken out by Barry White who fired 94.8, Nick Kenny 79.1, visitor from Newcastle Coen Gleeson managed 77.2, and his father Keith retired after a first stage of 36.2.

In F class both grades there were only two shooters who managed to break 100, and they were Phil Costa and Bev Rogerson. All the others had mediocre scores.

F Class A was won by Phil Costa with 107.1, then Tony Galati 95.2, Chris Barnard 92.3, Mike Rogerson 90.1 and Alex Gibson 86.

F class B was won by Bev Rogerson with 103.2, then Gordon Higgins 93.2, Ronan Moon 92.4 and Todd Barnard 82.1.

Handicap trophy was won by Barry White.

Next week shooting will be at 1000 yards.